College Dropout to 6 Figure Entrepreneur at 20

My name is Billy Willson.

It all began at age 18.

One semester into college I began to realize it wasn't for me. By no means was I failing, I obtained straight A's, but I was learning hundreds of times faster through online mentors I had found through YouTube and other social media outlets. I knew that I was bound for more than just the typical 9-5 job. As I made my farewell, I decided to go out with a bang, and designed a social media post which would change my life forever. Pointing out the major flaws of the current college system, I posted about my decision to drop out of university.

People went crazy.

All in all my post was shared tens of thousands of times and seen by millions in a matter of days. Although I received many threats and hate messages, I received messages from thousands of people all over the world, telling me how my post had opened their minds and changed their lives. This is when I first realized my own personal skill for social media, and realized the true extent at which Social Media could grow a person and business.

The following months after I cultivated my skills in Social Media and Online Marketing, implementing them into my own accounts and those of local businesses. Over time I found social media and online marketing by far the most cost-effective method for any business to grow. It makes sense - the concept of word of mouth - on steroids. Not to mention the ability to target nearly every single interest and demographic at an astoundingly low price.

From here I began my own social media marketing agency, WillsonMedia. It has now allowed me to quit my 9-5, and build a 6 figure online business. On the side I have began to grow my personal brand on social. The best way you can learn more about what I do and start your own journey is by watching and interacting with me on my YouTube channel, which I created specifically for people like you. Hope to see you there!