I have never shared this story online before.

Growing Up

Born in Brick, New Jersey, my parents divorced when I was in kindergarten, and I moved to Olathe, Kansas in 1st grade with my mom, step dad, and younger brother. About 2 years later, my step dad committed suicide on Christmas day leaving us with thousands of dollars of gambling losses he acquired betting on the baseball World Series.

My mom, now a single mom with 4 kids (2 boys, 2 girls) had to pay off the gambling debts with my brother’s and I’s savings, and it brought our family down to it’s last penny. At this time because my mom had 4 kids and no job, we had to move back to New Jersey and live with our cousins (a 4 bedroom house of 10 people). A few months later I remember crying on my birthday because we had no money for gifts or celebration, knowing it would be the worst birthday I ever had.

Eventually my mom got back on her feet (I still have no idea how) and moved us back to Olathe, Kansas into a cheap apartment. At this time I was in 3rd grade (8 years old). She met my current step dad on an online dating site and they started living together in our apartment. That Christmas I got the best gift I ever received - an Xbox 360. We definitely did not have the money for it, but it made it that much more valuable to me and will always be a symbol of how hard my mom tried to give us a good life.

Shortly after, we moved once again in 3rd grade to a duplex. At this point I had been to 5 different elementary schools, which was playing a heavy toll on my mental state. I had extreme difficulty making friends and probably is a reason I am still introverted today.

Time went on, and although we were still poor, (Ramen, generic Frosted Flakes, and eating hot dogs on bread buns because we couldn’t afford real hot dog buns were our staple foods.) Things slowly got better. In middle school we moved into a small $150,000 home and we finally got a chance to settle down.


Prior to, and throughout middle and high school, my mom and step dad pushed me extremely hard to succeed in sports. Baseball, football, wrestling, and later lacrosse. When I was young, my dream was to play baseball for the New York Yankees. But I eventually came to realize that wasn’t possible with my natural ability.

Even though I was not destined to succeed on a professional level of sports, my parents still pushed me to the brink and put their all into making me a success in sports. To them, it was the only way I could get out of our situation, achieve a scholarship for college, and live a good life. I was definitely above average because of their dedication to making me improve, but I was nowhere near the level I needed to be to achieve scholarships or play professionally.

Overall I lacked the confidence, happiness, and natural ability I needed to succeed at a high level in sports. My parents pushed me way too hard and destroyed my confidence and fun for the sports. I was more afraid of making mistakes than being able to actually improve and succeed. I don’t hold a grudge for this though, as I know they only had the best intentions and it did help me improve my mental strength.

One thing I did find a lot of happiness in though, was video games. Video Games Ever since I got that Xbox 360 for Christmas and even before, video games were an outlet for me to escape the real world and problems that I was facing. A lot of times it made me truly happy I played tons of original Xbox games, PS1, GameCube, Gameboy, Xbox 360 and all the Call of Duty games.

Some of my best memories are playing Call of Duty zombies late at night with my middle school friends. Now I currently play Fortnite competitively and love it. But we’ll save that for another time.

Finishing High School & My Plan for Success

Now the 3 last important things I need to tell you about my childhood and high school experience are: My love for my now-wife, Brittany My love for knowledge and education. My original plan for success. I met my now-wife, Brittany freshman year of high school. We’ve now been together 7 years and counting. My parents hated the thought of me having a girlfriend at the time because they thought it would distract me from sports and school. It put an enormous strain on our relationship and they pretty much forced us to break up. So for pretty much an entire year I kept our relationship a secret. (We even managed to go to homecoming together without my parents knowing. Full photo package and everything.)

After a long time my parents were pretty much forced to accept our relationship, and now they have grown to enjoy spending time with my wife more than spending time with me lol. She is my best friend and we have been through the worst together and still managed to grow into amazing people. We work as a team and our skills perfectly compliment each other. That is why we are still together to this day.

Now on to my love of knowledge... Because of my childhood experiences - from a young age, I decided I would become a millionaire so me or my family would ever have to deal with financial stress ever again. In school I worked extremely hard to achieve straight A’s throughout my entire schooling. (Because that’s how I thought I would achieve success.)

In high school I graduated with 4.8 weighted GPA / 4.0 unweighted GPA. (Straight A’s). I got a 34/36 on my ACT after taking it 7 times and practicing dozens of times more. These achievements later allowed me to get almost a full ride scholarship to Kansas State University, which was my goal since neither me or my family had the money for college. (BTW I don’t believe grades in school are a measure of your intelligence or ability to succeed in business. I think they are just a result of who works the hardest.)

In high school and college I studied engineering, design, and architecture especially. So I have a strong background and love for those fields. So to become a millionaire, I devised a plan based on what everyone told me I should do: 1. Get a college degree 2. Become an engineer 3. Save up 4. Start my own engineering firm 5. Become a millionaire by 35


So to college I went. But as I was going through my first semester I began getting more and more frustrated. I felt like I was wasting my time, and I finally began to question what everyone had told me. “Why are we spending our time and money learning stuff we are never going to use?” “Do I really want to work in a cubicle doing mundane work for the next 10 years of my life?” “Forced to wake up to an alarm clock, just to follow a boss’s orders?” “Limited to a certain amount of vacation time per year?” “All for a mediocre paycheck which grows slower than the rate of inflation?”

And during that same semester, I began watching a lot of YouTube videos of young people who were making 6 and even 7 figure incomes online within 1-3 years time. And once I saw the proof, and how they did it. I knew I could do it too. So I set out to make it happen for myself. And I dropped out of Kansas State University with a 4.0 GPA after 1 semester and started my journey.

A Viral Post

As I made my farewell from college, I decided to go out with a bang, and designed a social media post intended to go viral. Pointing out the major flaws of the current college education system, I posted about my decision to drop out of university. People went crazy. All in all my post was shared tens of thousands of times and seen by millions in a matter of days. Although I received many threats and hate messages, I received messages from thousands of people all over the world, telling me how my post had opened their minds and changed their lives.

This is when I first realized my own personal skill for social media, and realized the true extent at which Social Media could grow a person and business. I’ll put some pictures below and let that tell the story. I was featured on Worldstar, USA Today, 2 local news channels, and more. This helped me grow to a few thousand friends on Facebook and about 1,000 followers on Instagram.

First Businesses

Before dropping out I had already tried a few ways of starting a business. I had tested becoming an online fitness trainer by posting some flyers around K-State. *image here?* I started DJing and tried producing music. *images here? And I even started an e-commerce store based around rave apparel and accessories. *image here?*

All of these failed of course, but I didn’t stop there. After dropping out of college I got a 9-5 job and started living with my girlfriend’s (now wife’s) mom since my parents were already extremely upset at me for dropping out in the first place. Yes, my wife did drop out as well.

My 9-5 Job

In my 9-5 job I worked for a trade show exhibit company. My job was to manage, ship, and set up trade show exhibits. *images below?* Overall I enjoyed it, but I knew it was only temporary. Towards the last few weeks of the job I was actually able to work on the company’s marketing full time, which was my first time really doing social media marketing for a business.

Social Media Marketing

While working in my 9-5 job, I discovered social media marketing. What is social media marketing? Put simply, it’s using social media to grow a business. This could be in the form of making social media posts for a business, or running paid ads for them on social media. I discovered social media marketing watching YouTube videos about how people had started social media marketing agencies (SMMAs) and had built them to 6 figures in a short amount of time.

Now as you may or may not know, there is a lot of online business models you can start. There is affiliate marketing, amazon selling, e-commerce, writing books, marketing agencies, and MUCH more. Once I knew about all the options I had, I thought long and hard about which would be the best for me to start. Eventually, I decided to go with social media marketing for 2 main reasons. I knew it was the fastest way to build a sustainable 6-figure income. You can charge whatever you want, but typically businesses pay you between $1,000 - $10,000+ each per month for your services. So I knew all I needed was a few clients paying me monthly to be making a 6 figure income. I knew that the skills associated to starting a social media marketing agency (sales, marketing, copywriting, and more) would last me a lifetime and allow me to become successful if I decided to do any other businesses in the future. Especially since you can use other businesses money to practice on.

A lot of the reason I failed with those other businesses I tried at first, is because I didn’t know marketing or sales very well. So social media marketing gave me the opportunity to grow my skills which now could allow me to have success in any business if I wanted to switch out of it. But honestly I ended up finding a love for social media marketing because there wasn’t much of a better feeling than helping a business owner grow their business and see them so happy and so thankful for me helping them.

Starting My Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)

Once I decided social media marketing was the best business for me to start and grow, I put my 100% commitment to making it successful. I bought an online course made by 2 of the people I was watching on YouTube at the time, and got to work. I started my social media marketing agency while still working at my 9-5, and I got my first client a few weeks before I quit. My first client paid me $500 per month to make Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts for them every single day.

So now that I had got my first client and proven the business model to myself, at this point I decided I was ready to quit my 9-5 job and focus on my social media marketing agency full time. I put in my 2 weeks after working the job for 5 months, and saving up 6 months of expenses just in case I completely failed. My first failure and the harsh reality of starting a business came when I tried to convert the business I was working for into a client.

Since I was already doing their marketing for the last 2-4 weeks of the job and they were really happy with my work, I thought for sure I could convince them to let me keep doing it on my own for $2,000 a month. But after I had already quit, they let me know they had decided they wanted to bring someone in-house instead. This was a huge blow because I was heavily expecting to be able to rely on the income from this client. But regardless, I got back on my feet and kept trying to get clients.

That tenacity and persistence is what truly allowed me to eventually become successful with this business. And, I actually did end up getting them as a consulting client for which they hired me to come in to train their in-house person for $50 per hour for about 5 hours per week. Funny thing thinking about that - I was making $50 per hour consulting just 6 months after I dropped out of college at age 19, using skills I had learned on my own in just a few months. That’s more than I would have been making per hour as an engineer if I had completely graduated college 4 years later. But of course this only lasted about 2 months, so it was not a consistent monthly client like I was trying to get.

Growing My Social Media Marketing Agency

If you’re wondering how I got that first client for $500 per month, I found them from a friend that told me their boss was looking for someone to help them with social media. But that was definitely not the norm, and getting the following clients was much harder. I did door-to-door, cold calling, cold emailing, cold messaging, networking events, everything I could to get meetings. For the next 8 months I kept learning, grinding, and improving every single day. I got clients, lost clients, did every service under the sun - creating websites, videos, seo, google ads, everything.

I got stuck at $1,000-$2,000 per month with my agency for about 8 months, because I didn’t know how to get new clients consistently, or how to provide them with amazing results so they would stay. Honestly, it was mainly a learning curve I needed to get over and every time I failed, I learned and improved. I knew if I just kept grinding and improving I would eventually make it to 6 figures, and most importantly, I didn’t give up.

When I first started my social media marketing agency, I focused on social media management. That is making posts and growing their following on social media. But I quickly found out there was a much better way to help the businesses grow: Facebook Ads. So the first step to making my agency successful was focusing on only Facebook Ads, and on what the businesses really wanted: more customers. The second step, was overcoming my fear of sales and actually becoming good at it. Once I did that, from months 8-12 of starting my agency, I scaled up to 6 figures profit by the end of month 12 (May 31st, 2018).

That’s how I built my social media marketing agency business to 6 figures in 12 months at 20 years old. And at that time I had 4 clients: A financial claims company at $5,000 per month A gym at $2,500 per month A YouTube influencer at $500 per month And a restaurant consulting gig for $500 (Ad spend not included in these monthly management fees, that is all profit.) I know this isn’t super impressive to someone that’s been in marketing for a long time, but being honest with you guys, reaching this goal was one of the best feelings I ever had in my life. And that was the point where I finally no longer felt stressed about money, and I truly started to feel much happier in my life.

BTW. I still have that financial claims company and gym (plus a few more) as clients because I’ve been providing them amazing results every month for over the last year. If you’d like to learn more in step-by-step detail on how to start a social media marketing agency of your own, you can go here: LINK FOR WEBINAR But before you do, I want to make this clear. Starting a business is NOT easy. You will face a lot of failure and depression, and despite that, you will still have to work every day and improve. So only use that link if you’re willing to accept that and put in the work.


About the same time I started my social media marketing agency, I started my YouTube channel. I did this so I could document and people could follow my journey, so they had someone real they could relate to, rather than just following a huge guru’s advice. And actually, if you go back to my old YouTube videos, you’ll be able to see PROOF of all this stuff I talked about, and see how bad I was at selling, how much I was making, and all of that.

I’ve been posting YouTube videos pretty much once per week over the last 2 years, sharing my progress and providing value to other people starting social media marketing agencies. I’ve never really tried hard to grow my YouTube channel, I just stayed consistent, and focused on posting content that people really wanted, and it’s grown me to over 30,000 subscribers at the moment. Because I felt there is a huge need for it in the market, my goal is to be “The Most Honest Marketer in the World”.

With that said, in my videos I am unique in the fact that I share exactly how much I make, I share proof of it, and I am always completely transparent and honest with everything that I do. That’s also the reason why I’ve taken DAYS to write this entire life story about myself. I always felt you could never trust any of these big marketers, because they never tell you their true full story. They only tell you the parts that are important in order to sell you something, and they either hide the rest or lie.

I want to be different. I want to EARN your trust by telling the truth, and by actually providing you guys with the most value, best products, and best results compared to anyone else in the industry. You can check out my YouTube channel here to see proof of the value I’m providing: https://www.youtube.com/billywillson

How Making 6 Figures Changed My Life

Once I got my first couple clients and was making about $3,000 per month, I moved out from my wife’s mom’s house, and into a cheap apartment with my now-wife Brittany, and one of her friends. Towards the last few months of our 1-year lease is when I was making over 6 figures consistently every month, and as I mentioned earlier, it completely changed my life. It’s honestly hard to explain how much this changed my life, so I put it into the 6 main ways it affected my life, so you guys could get a glimpse at what it feels like to make 6 figures with an online business.

Here’s the 6 main ways social media marketing changed my life: I set my own schedule, work when I want, and on what I want. (My effort directly increases my income.) I am able to travel anytime and work from anywhere. (And most importantly I can finally afford to do it.) I no longer stress about going out for dinner, paying the rent or paying the bills. (I can afford to eat chipotle with guac every day.) I now know I will be able to support my future family without them ever having to worry about money. I now have a valuable skill which gives me a sense of purpose and allows me to help people all over the world. I finally feel like I have full control over my life and future.

And in only 1-2 years from now I will have achieved all my life’s dreams at the age of 22/23. Definitely the biggest thing that improved my overall happiness after I reached 6 figures, was moving into my new apartment. I had never lived in such a nice place for my entire life. *Insert photos of apartment* I am thankful every morning I look out the huge windows to see a beautiful view, and the moment I step into my dream office I feel energized and excited to start the day.

Scaling to 7 Figures

As people started seeing me have success with social media marketing on my YouTube channel, many people started asking me for help and advice for starting and scaling their own social media marketing agencies. To help those people out, I built out a step-by-step 25 hour video training program outlining exactly what I did and learned, so that they could learn from my mistakes and also have a relatable mentor to guide them. With this, I found my true passion. There is literally no better feeling in the world to me than helping someone go from a situation where they have no money - to making 6 figures - without the need to go to college for 4 years and go $100,000 in debt.

Yes, helping business owners with social media marketing feels great too! But for me, my current main mission is to build the best online mentorship program in the world, and to help more people be able to achieve the same goals I did in the shortest amount of time possible. The current college education system is overpriced, outdated, too long, and a lot of times straight-up doesn’t work. Before I dropped out of college an engineer presenting to our class mentioned - “I learned more in my first 30 days on the job than in my 5 years of college.''

With my online education business, I want to create enormous competition for colleges by providing 100x the value for 1/100th the price so they are forced to reform their system, lower their prices to a fair amount that anyone can afford, or collapse. At the time of writing this, I’m currently at over $84,000 per month in revenue, and $30,000-$40,000 per month in profit with my social media marketing agency and online education business combined. In my social media marketing agency I currently have 9 clients paying over $24,000 per month and I make multi 6 figures profit per year from it, even though I only have to do 2 hours of work per week since I have a team in place to do all the work and even talk with the clients.

Overall I have a team of 4 people who absolutely kill it and are just as motivated as me to achieve our mission. If you’d like to see just how amazing our program really is, check out this free training, and at the end I show you exactly what’s included and what it’s like to be inside. FREE TRAINING LINK HERE

My Future

My main mission right now is to make my online mentorship program, 6 Figure Agency, the best online course in the world.

I have spent over a year working on it, and well over 1,000 hours making it the best it can possibly be. The best way to describe the program comes from one of my students: “It’s like buying a franchise, but it’s your own business.” I have systemized the process so much, that all you have to do is put in the work, follow the steps and add your own personality and uniqueness to it. To give you just some examples - the course comes with an entire 17-page script with exactly what to do and say in a meeting, with answers to every possible objection you could get in a meeting. We even have a script you can give to your clients for them to use when they call the new customers you will send them.

But talk is talk. Let me show you the proof of how good this program really is. Check out one of the modules here for free to see how good it is for yourself: LINK TO A FOLLOW UP PAGE WITH A FREE VIDEO FROM THE COURSE?