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How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency in 2019 Completely From Scratch, With $0

How to earn money.

Today, I'll be walking you through Starting a Social Media Marketing Agency completely from scratch in the simplest and most effective way possible.

Here are the 5 simple steps we will be covering:

Step 1 - Build Your Foundations

Step 2 - Contact Businesses

Step 3 - Secure Clients

Step 4 - Provide Results

Step 5 - Scale


Step 1 - Build Your Foundations


So, guys, let's start with Step 1 - Build Your Foundations.


When starting your own agency, it is crucial to identify the difference between what is essential and unnecessary.


The only equipment you will need is a computer. That’s it! Nothing fancy or extravagant is needed at this point!


Here are the few things you'll need to create:

- A Facebook account

- A business Facebook page

- A Facebook business manager


Most of you already have a Facebook account, and for the last two, there is a super easy tutorial on Facebook that you should follow to successfully open the business page and manager.


Now, let's talk about what is unnecessary, at least for the moment:

- A legal business

- Business cards

- Website

- Employees

- Anything else


From my experience, you won’t need to start a legal business until you are making $3,000 a month. This is because there is a very little risk factor of being sued when you only have one client. This will help save you time and money.

(Take this advice at your own risk, I am not an attorney nor can I give you any legal advice, this is just my personal opinion.)


At this point, you only need to worry about getting clients, and I’m going to show you how to do so with just a computer!


The second part of Building Your Foundations is understanding what you are doing. Since you are reading this article, I'm going to assume that you know what Social Media Marketing is.


Our job is to bring businesses more customers. In reality, this is the only thing they care about. So, I tell businesses that my agency will bring them more customers by using Facebook Ads.


Why Facebook Ads specifically?


If you want to save time, you’ll need to keep your agency simple and focus on as few things as possible. I recommend Facebook ads, because its ads system is by far the easiest I have encountered, and Facebook is used by just about everyone.


Even though I'm going to tell you how to start a Social Media Marketing Agency, our main focus will be on Facebook Ads. Once you are well acquainted with Facebook Ads, you will be able to apply this knowledge and experience to other Social Media sites. Facebook is pay-to-play now, meaning posting content is nowhere near as effective as ads. I've tried both and the results from posting content were poor. Businesses care about customers; therefore, ads are the focal point. The more customers you bring businesses, the more they will be willing to pay you.


The next thing you should consider doing is to niche it down. For example: make a statement like "I Bring Chiropractors More customers."


The funnel process to explain what we do is very simple.


Facebook Ad => Lead Form => Thank You Page


I run Facebook Ads that offer something of value and lead customers to Lead Form, and when they leave information (name, phone, e-mail) in Lead Form, they are brought to Thank You Page and their information is sent to a business owner who schedules them for an appointment or whatever they opted for. Super simple.


Step 2 - Contact Businesses


Start by making a list of 30 businesses that you would like to work with. My advice is to start with a network of people from your personal life because these people will be easier to sell.


I want to make something clear. You want to work only with Top Quality businesses with high customer value. I do not recommend restaurants unless they are chains.


Don't look for startup businesses or failing ones. Look for "Hidden Gem" clients, businesses that aren’t well known, but have value. They might be overlooked simply because their marketing efforts are lacking. Businesses like this are the best to work with, because you will be able to help them attract customers easily.


From there, all you have to do is start contacting those businesses. There are a couple of methods you can use:


- Facebook Messenger

- LinkedIn

- Walk-in

- Cold Call

- Cold e-mail


If you choose to use Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn, you will want to make your profile look professional and clean. You can even post content related to business or social media marketing in order to appear more appealing and trustworthy. But don't overdo it, because it will sound like you are trying to sell something and people don' t like that.


All of these methods work. It just comes down to whether or not you have a strong strategy. If it is, these methods will work. If you are not getting at least one meeting on every 10 calls or messages you make, you need to change something.


Step 3 - Secure Clients


Here is the exact thing that you'll do when you get your meeting secured:


- You are going to set the objective first. Tell them exactly what the goal of the meeting is.

- Figure out why they chose to meet with you

- Get to know and understand their business

- Figure out what their current challenge is

- If what you're offering solves it, ask if they would like you to share it with them

- Show them how the system works, and talk it out with them what it may look like for their business specifically

- Ask them when they would like to start

- Tell them the price and how they can start today

- Get access to Facebook Page, Images, Videos and make ad account


You need to lead the meeting. Don't let the client turn it into an interview and ask too many questions. You need to remember that you are the one asking questions here. Try to ignore their questions and repeat to them the goal of the meeting.


If they continue, feel free to end the meeting early. When you are in a negotiation, you always need to be willing to walk away. You can never feel like you need a client, or you will never close one.


You can practice these meetings with someone to get the hang of it faster.


Step 4 - Provide Results


- Implement the exact process I showed you earlier for the business

- Generate them leads to set appointments with


I am going to show you my marketing process:


1. Customer - know ideal customer + wants, needs and pain (Talk with your client)


2. Offer - create an offer that appeals to the ideal customer


3. Ad - Create an Ad that captures Customers attention and hits Home w/Them (storytelling)


4. Funnel - Create a funnel that drives customer action


5. Sale - Business must follow up with lead


If you are not sure who the ideal type of customer for your client is, don't worry, you can always schedule a meeting with them and find out. Preferably you would get this information on the first meeting.


You will need to open a Facebook Ads manager and set up an account. I've been over this in my other videos so to keep this tutorial short, I am going to skip this part. Feel free to check them out on my YouTube channel.


After selecting the objective, you will be sent to a page where you can choose a variety of settings for your ad. You will need to go through all of them and set up your ad in detail.


After submitting that page, you will be sent to the final page where you will see how your ad will look along with some features to tweak it to your liking. It’ll be basically like a regular post, but with more features.


You don’t really need to worry about creating a funnel because Facebook does most of the work, basically has an integrated funnel.


Client Case Study


This case study just goes to show how successful this method is. Here is the same gym I've been showing you in my examples. I've been working with them for over 8 months now.




I brought them an enormous 8 times return on their investment!


Step 5 - Scale


This is where choosing a niche will start to play in your favor. By doing this, you can simply copy the Ad Copies from your previous clients to your new ones. Also, you will need to have a video that offers something of value. It doesn't need to be fancy, it can be simply recorded on an iPhone with a clean background.


Upon implementation of this method, you will easily reach 6 figures without needing to hire anyone. We want to make our businesses as simple as possible in order to scale as fast and as easily as possible. You should be able to handle 7 clients at $1,500 per month each by yourself.


Once you are ready to hire, it’s pretty simple. Just record videos of your set up process for your clients and give these same recordings to your employees/contractors. You will want to pay them to watch the videos and once they learn the material, they will know exactly what you do, and they can replicate it. If the niche is the same, they won’t even have to write the ads themselves, they can just copy your Ad Copies from previous clients. That's how simple this is.


Step 6 - Enjoy your life


Bonus step: enjoy your life. That's how simple it is to build a social media marketing agency. I hope this presentation helped you greatly.


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