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I Spent 300 on Facebook Ads to Become Locally Famous. This is What Happened.

I've conducted a little experiment, and got very interesting results.

A few weeks ago, I spent $300 on Instagram and Facebook to try to become locally famous with ONE Facebook Ad. So I wanted to share with you guys the results, my experience and how did I actually set up the ad for this experiment, so you can possibly implement it for yourself. I got inspired by the video I saw on YouTube by Scott Hillse.

So, pretty much anyone can create a Facebook Ad, you just need to set up Facebook Page and Facebook Ads Manager. The next step is to create an ad account and create a campaign. When you get to the creative options, I've tested a few of them and kinda figured that engagement would be the best marketing objective for this kind of ad.

What kind of area did I target for this type of ad?

I went in and put in some really specific locations on a map. I dropped a pin on a couple of places that I wanted to target, like my apartment complex and the area around the gym where I work out. I pretty much put red pins around those locations to restrict Facebook for showing my ad where it shouldn't.

I did not get the same results as Scott did, but a couple of people at the gym recognized me and I got a few replies in the comment section of my ad. If you are doing video ads, always add captions to the video because it makes an enormous difference because people sometimes mute their devices but they can still see the captions below and get an idea of what is going on.

For the headline, I used "Overland Park, don't watch this ad!". I also used Overland Park as a hook because you need to show the people that this is not just an ad, but something that is happening locally. By watching the video above, you can see how my video ad looked like, enjoy!