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Why I Dont Do Contracts

I get asked all the time to do a video on contracts for social media marketing agencies. It's about time I share the truth with you as to why I don't do any contracts in my agency.

What's up, future millionaires?

Today I want to cover why I don't do contracts because I get asked all the time "Billy, what you do with contracts?" so I recommend reading this until the very end. I'm not saying that you shouldn't do contracts, but that it should be your decision to make.

The main reason is simplicity.

It's just a lot of hassle trying to make your client sign the contract or read it. The second reason is that when you have a contract in place, it might mean that your client doesn't trust you as much. If you have to have a contract in place for your client to trust you, that's not a really good working relationship with your client. It sounds more like they are bossing you around, telling you to make a contract and to stuff, rather than you guys having a mutually beneficial relationship.

It's my selling point.

The next reason why I don't do a contract is that I actually use it as a selling point in pretty much every meeting that I have. By not having a contract, I'm therefore forced to get the client's results or they are not going to pay me the next month. That's beneficial for them because they know that I'm committed to getting the results and I don't flock them to a long term contract, flocking them for 6 months or more. I'm not saying that's a wrong thing to do, just that I'm not doing.

All the work that's involved in.

You have to write a contract for every client, make them read. Each time you have to change the contract, you would need to resend to each one of your clients a new copy of them and wait for them to read it and approve.

I just find it a lot easier and less time-consuming to skip creating the contracts.

That's pretty much it. I recommend checking with your lawyer because the law may vary depending on where you are from. I hope you have a nice day!