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My 7 Figure Virtual Team

I'll explain what I've learned building a 7 figure virtual team for my social media marketing agency and online education business. Hopefully you can implement it in hiring your own virtual team which will allow you to work ON the business rather IN it, and allow you to scale up and enjoy life more.

What's up, future millionaires?

Today I want to cover my experience building a 7 Figure Virtual Team for my Marketing Agency and Online Education business. This is for people who are having trouble working ON their business instead of IN their business. If you are wasting too much time on little things on small things (customer support, managing ads, communication with the clients, etc.) this is the right thing for you.

Building a good team will create a difference between being a business owner and a contractor. So I'm going to teach you how to become a business owner and have a team under you to be as profitable as possible. Let's jump right into it:

The first couple of things that I'm going to cover are all the roles that I have in my business and what each person does, and then secondly all the misconceptions and mistakes that I made during building my virtual team so hopefully you will avoid making the same mistakes and save you a lot of time in the process. 

First off, I'm gonna walk you through each of the roles that I have in my marketing agency and online education business.

  • 2 Media Buyers, one for each business (Media buyer runs ads for your business)

You would want to simplify your business and roles as much as possible before splitting the work between you and your team because if you don't, they are going to take a lot more time doing their job, so the overall performance of your agency and costs of paying your employees will rise.

One of the biggest misconceptions about trusting your media buyers with clients is that they are going to take your clients. That's not true because when you hire a team to work with you they get a benefit of learning from you and most importantly, you build trust with your team AND the clients. Your clients will tend to stay with you because you made a connection with them. Also, people prefer to work with an agency instead of a contractor. And if you build trust within your team, they will never do such a thing.

From my experience, I noticed that it's better to hire as few people as possible. Why? In the beginning, I tried to hire someone for each small task, but that created communication problems between team members. 

  • Customer support 

In my online education business, I have a person that takes care of all the problems, complaints or questions that our customers have, so I don't have to.

  • The last and most important person that I have in my team is, of course, my General Manager (Nikola).

He is the best overall honestly, he is like my main as far as the business goes. He pretty much helps with anything that's necessary within the business. In the beginning, that's the main person that you need. Someone who is smart and can do a lot of different things.

So I hope you guys will find this useful, that's my experience building 7 Figure Virtual Team.