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How To Close $5,000 SMM Clients A-Z

How to close high ticket social media marketing or consulting clients with ease.

What's up, future millionaires?

Today, my friend Robb Quinn, an expert closer (closed $10,000 + deals) and I, are going to give away our secrets of closing clients. 

To start, we are going to use Robb's meeting structure that he uses to close all of his clients. Before we get to the technical part, it's important to note that you have to be confident. Without confidence, you will never close a deal, no matter how good the quality of your services.

Let's continue with the meeting structure.

You've set up a meeting, and now you need to close the deal. Your structure should look like this:

  • Ask them are they marketing. If they are doing marketing, it makes them so much easier to close because you won't have to convince them that marketing is beneficial for them. This way you can influence them to move budget from a regular marketing traffic source to your traffic source.

  • Ask them what type of returns are they seeing from their marketing. The reason why this is important is when you ask them what type of returns are they seeing, they are going to give you a generic answer (example: "we are seeing great returns"). But the truth is that they are most likely not very good at reading KPI because they are great at doing other things, like running their business.

  • The next thing you should ask them do they believe that they can see a greater return on their ad spend. Because of the previous question, they will realize that they don't understand their types of returns, and you asked a question like this, they will believe that they can see a greater return on their investment in marketing.

When they say that they do believe, that's when you are starting to ask closing questions. Closing questions may depend and sometimes you need to be creative, but we will give you some examples so you can get an idea of how they should look like:

  1. Can I ask you a question? Now that we both agreed that you can see a better return on your investment, and if this didn't have any risk to you, and if we aren't gonna put you on a cellphone contract for 24 months, would you be willing to try me out?

I know it sounds cliche, but the first one who talks loses. At this point let them think, don't say anything.

If they say no, or if they say that it doesn't make any sense, don't get too defensive, just say something like "Ok, I totally understand. What part doesn't make sense to you?"

Then you just explain thoroughly until they do understand.

When they ask you "How much will this cost?" they are afraid of being sold. And that's the best type of clients that you can have because when you explain the value they get, they will buy without hesitation. Now, I know this sounds counter-productive, but it isn't. All you need to do is tell them something like "Great question, we're gonna dive into it in a second, I just need to know a couple of things before I know an exact rate. Is that ok with you? / Does this sound fair?" They will almost always say yes.

They will be officially emotionally invested until the very end because now we are gonna give them an exact diagnosis based on the few questions we have to ask.

If they ask something like "Can you guarantee that you'll provide the results?", you need to be honest. What Robb likes to do is say something like "Can you guarantee that the Sun will come out tomorrow? No, I cannot guarantee the results, but I can guarantee that by implementing my system, you will get a higher chance of getting better results."

In almost any step you can drop off the lead if you think they are not a good fit with you. You need to be ready to leave the table and look like you don't need them.

As an extra, you can walk them through a visual-based 3-step process of how it works. 

Facebook Ad => Lead Form/Landing Page => Clients get sent a lead.

What I like to do is show them targeting. I'll ask them what's their best customer and put everything I know about targeting. Then ask them to fill the info with you (age, gender, location, etc.)

The next thing I like to ask is what's their best promotion or offer they ever ran. Basically it's like creating an ad live with them. They invest themselves in the building process along with you. You just assume that you are going to work together and that can be a powerful drive towards closing a deal.

This is a nutshell of closing a client, you would want to have my sales script but this is a good overview to know. Thank you for sticking until the end with me. I hope you guys like it!