Allan Porter

From high school dropout to 6 figures, Allan Porter always wanted to make money online but didn't know how. He tried multiple eCommerce stores, played around with Shopify and ads manager and ended up losing money, etc. That's when he enrolled in Billy's course.


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4.82 Stars from 105 ratings

Zachary Boyer

Closed $3,500 client in 4 days

Matt Friedman

Got 3 real estate clients a week after finishing the program.

Allan Porter

Got to 6 figures under 8 months.

Joe Ruiz

One of the first students to reach 6 figures.

Lizzy Buchman

Closed $10,000 client in 2nd Month into the program

Zachary Vineyard

Says it's easy to access the course because it's available on multiple devices.

Daniel Koenigslieb

Locked in a client 5 days after joining the program

Jeremy Holman

Recommends 6 Figure Agency Course to anyone who wants to open SMMA.

Emily West

She got her first clients signed after a month into the course.

Babatunde Ademola

Got his first client halfway through the 6 Figure Agency Course.

Kristofer Malahoff

6 Figure Agency Course is the best course he ever purchased.

Ong Han Yang

Likes how Billy's Course is updated regularly with new content.

Randy Curry

Super impressed with the Step-By-Step training instructions and FB Mastermind gr

Benjamin Baxter

Says Billy's course is for anyone not looking to have a 9 to 5 job.

Ruben Carrillo

Says FB support group is the most valuable thing that the course provides.

Henry Hebron

Billy taught him how to sell and do the meetings.

Joey Walker

Says that people need to put in the work for this course to pay off.

Sebastian Onoz

Says Billy' Course is full of useful information.

Cory Iffert

Got a couple of meetings after following the first few steps in the course.

Mardiyath Chitou

"The only way not to get results is to not do the work."

Matt Fisher

Extremely impressed with the information he learned from the course.

Cayman Berg

"This course is jumping me years ahead of the competition..."

Nick Chaliamantas

Thinks that Billy's Private Mastermind group is great.

Disha Smith

Got 2 very warm leads after going halfway through the course.

Robert Hill

Got 2 clients after 2 months into Billy's 6 Figure Agency Course.

Yenny Carrillo

Got a meeting with Real Estate Agent in the first 7 days into the course.

Luc Simmons

Thinks that Billy's course is packed with a lot of valuable information.

Erick Lopez

Billy's course and FB group provided him tons of help for his agency.

Victor Amezquita

Billy's course taught him to deal with objections and get new clients.

Drew Blackman

Likes how everyone is eager to help in Billy's private mastermind group.

Darryl Manuel

Likes that Billy provides a Step-By-Step process to run a successful SMMA.

Dominic Marcombe

Gets meetings every single week.

Brad Freeman

"You are gonna find results if you are willing to invest in yourself."

Danakin Seah

Gets a lot of clients after enrolling in Billy's course.

Alex Dorado

Billy's mindset module helped him overcome his fear of talking to clients.

Quan Huynh

Says Billy cares about the success of his students.

Amy Kim

Says that Billy is a trustworthy and that his course can change lives.

David Seitz

Had his first client after 5 days into Billy's course.

Alexander Tuong

Able to close deals comfortably because of Billy's Course.

Akash Patel

Thinks that Billy's course is well structured & packed with valuable content.

Steve Hong

Likes the practicality of the course and the way Billy updates it regularly.

Akash Kunver

Thinks that Billy's course is packed with a lot of valuable content.

Kristofer Milhauser

He needed months to figure some stuff out before enrolling in the program.

Benoit Grandais

Got 2 meetings with real estate agents after a week into a course.

Timothy Jenurm

Claims Billy's course has everything you need to run a successful agency.

Jiani Chong

Very grateful to be a part of the 6 Figure Agency community.

Edwin Portillo

They are satisfied with Plug & Play system that Billy provides.

Brenda Salinas

Closed 1 client after 2 days into the course.

Ronald Washington

He likes Billy's authenticity and honesty.

Anders Braathen

Landed a Free Trial after 12 days.

Hugo Alvarez

Thinks that Billy's course is packed with a lot of useful information.

Rudi Cornelius

Really appreciates Billy's training methods and material.

Rishaud Bellamy

Plans to hit 6 Figures within 6 months.

Logan Vaccaro

He likes how Billy updates his course regularly with new videos and info.

Alex Cuthbert

Got 2 meetings, 4 Free Trials, and one client after a month into the course.

Elijah Kanoho

Billy's course helped him improve his agency and correct a couple of mistakes.

Jordan Flynn

Got the confidence to start doing calls and FB Ads after buying the course.

Mike Gonzalez

Likes how Billy's course contains actionable content.

Jonathan Chen

Got his first client ($1000 per month) after only 2 days into the course.

Jack Frazier

Billy's course helped him get out of his comfort zone.

Gabriel Giguere

He likes how Billy's course contains practical information.

Anthony Labarbera

Says that Billy's course is very informational.

Taqui Adouko

Got very specific tips from Billy to provide good results for the clients.

Bradley Hinton

He got 2 clients and because of that was able to quit his 9 to 5.

Peter-Eli Gonzales

Got 4 Free Trials only 4 days into the course.

Matthew Graham

Thinks that the Private Mastermind FB group is super helpful.

Osaremhen Onimenlen

Thinks that Billy's program is packed with valuable content.

Jack Brandt

Got 5 clients in 4 months that generate $15000 per month.

Collin Jackson

Thinks that Billy's course is packed with valuable content.

Mason Frye

Got 3 meetings by cold calling in less than a week.

Mario Rodriguez

"In a nutshell, it's worthwhile."

Jimmy Huh

Got 2 clients for $2500 a month. Billy's Live Q&A helped him a lot.

Naomi Henn

She finds Billy's course very useful for her business.

Mingi Hong

Earned $750 for 2 weeks. He likes the resources inside the course.

Samantha Boyd

She started doing FB Ads for her real estate business and plans opening SMMA.

Philippe Beaulieu-Paradis

He claims that other classes are not strong and in-depth as Billy's course.

Dean Choi

He thinks that Billy's course is packed with a lot of valuable content.

Shawn Eichorn

Got his first client in 3 weeks and one-third of the course.

Jacob Bussey

Using Billy's presentation to close clients.

Majixkai Welsh

Closed a client for $1500 in less than a month.

Rocky Acheampong

Billy's course helped him to scale his business and open his SMMA.

Jared Curry

He plans to earn more than his math teacher before finishing high school.

Vu Le

Got 4 meetings in a month.

Adam Harder

Got 5 clients in 2 weeks ($5000 revenue)

Sydney Jr Basing-at

Billy's course helped him improve his marketing skills.

Artem Dessiatkine

Applied Billy's knowledge in his and his brother's company.

Anmar Abdul Jawad

Billy's program helped him to improve his business logistic.

Patrick Stuckey

Managed to provide 24 qualified leads for his client within 7 days.

Hannah DelaRosa

Billy brought her confidence to call people and get meetings.

Matthew von Dwingelo

Using the skills for the Real Estate Agency.

Cameron J Marvel

Generated $6000 in revenue in 15 days of enrolling in a course.

Renzo Perez

Closed $4000 client in 2 days

Ethan Broyles

Closed the first client for $1500 per month.

Eze Diamant

He started his own agency at the age of 15.

Ruth Were

Says Billy gave her the courage to start searching for clients.

Fabian Sanchez

He got the confidence to start looking for clients after watching the course.

Frank Hicks

Made 30 calls in one day, got 3 meetings.

Cory Morgan

He feels like younger people can relate to Billy and his story.

Lucas Miranda

Got 1 client and 1 Free Trial after 7 days of enrolling in the program.

James Serrano

Closed 2 clients in 2 weeks as a result of 6 Figure Agency Course enrollment.

Maxime Houle

Got 1 client after 2 days of 6 Figure Agency Course enrollment.

Jared Olson Gomez

Thinks Billy's course is super valuable & packed with a lot of information.

Carl Miller

Billy's weekly calls helped him to stay motivated and to get more clients.

Tanrose Khilar

Very satisfied with Billy's Facebook 6 Figure Agency Group.

Mustafa Beriah

Had one client before, now got 2 more clients and 5 free trials.