Facebook Ads Beginner to Expert in 1 Video


Doubt I can take you from a Facebook Ads Beginner to Expert in 1 Video? Watch Me.

Facebook Ads are the #1 Way to Grow your Business in 2018.

The Downside? They’re getting EXTREMELY competitive. In this Video I’ll show you how to create Facebook ads in 2018, and take you from Beginner to Expert while showing you how to destroy the competition with ad strategies I have yet to see anyone use.

We learn the basics of Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads, to Detailed Targeting and Audience insights for the most detailed targeting!

We learn how to install your pixel, and how to use Pixel events to retarget your audiences based on their actions!

We talk about how to create custom audiences, and lookalike audiences to truly harness the power of Facebook Advertising to make more Facebook Ads conversion to get more low cost sales for more PROFIT!

Here are my time stamps for key parts in the video:

  • 7:43 – What You Need to Know About Facebook Ads Before We Start

  • 10:38 – Why Facebook Ads

  • 8:04 – How to Get Results With Facebook Ads

  • 13:34 – Most Common Mistakes

  • 14:31 – What Bad Facebook Ads Look Like

  • 16:54 – What a Good Ad Looks Like

  • 17:38 – The Value Ladder

  • 18:54 – My Marketing Process

  • 23:35 - Creating Your Offer

  • 25:12 – What to do for Ad Creative

  • 29:42 – How to Write Killer Facebook Ads

  • 39:58 – Funnel Creation

  • 45:51 - Sales Process

  • 55:47 – First Facebook Ad Checklist

  • 56:14 - How to Get Facebook Ad Success

  • 56:43 – Facebook Ad Terminology

  • 1:01:07 - Facebook Pixel

  • 1:04:10 - Facebook Ads Manager

  • 1:05:55 - How to Split Test

  • 1:10:20 - Facebook Business Manager

  • 1:12:33 - What You’ll Want Before Creating Your First Facebook Ad

  • 1:39:06 - How to Set up Retargeting Ads

After watching this, you’ll be armed with several actionable insights when it comes to facebook ads and building the funnel – so be sure to implement!

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PERFECT Facebook Ads Targeting in 2018


Tired of wasting your money on audiences that won’t work?

One thing people may not tell you is the way you do targeting is different for everyone.

I’ve been in the trenches of targeting audiences through Facebook ads, spending thousands and thousands of dollars with private clients, as well as for my own businesses.

In this video, I go over how to target three huge niches: local businesses, eCommerce stores, and info products.

Want to skip ahead to your desired niche? I created time stamps for you below:

  • 2:19 – Facebook targeting for Local Businesses

  • 8:29 - Facebook targeting for eCommerce Businesses

  • 17:43 – Facebook targeting for Information Products

I also go in depth on how to maximize your ROI with retargeting and lookalike audiences.


How to Create Facebook Ads That WORK


There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting your time and money on things that simply do not work.

If you purchase traffic in the form of FB ads and don't get a response, it’s kind of similar to lighting your own money on fire.

Have you watched trainings of YouTube of people teaching Facebook ads, only to get a mediocre response?

Even if you’re a total beginner and you’ve never ran a FB ad, this video is for you.

Here are my time stamps for key parts in the video:

  • 2:39 – The 6 most common reasons your ads are not working

  • 6:15 – the funnel process for Facebook Ads

  • 8:04 – the only reasons your ads can’t work

  • 10:24 – One of my failed Facebook Ads in the fitness niche and the reason it didn’t work

  • 13:33 – One of my failed Facebook Ads in the chiropractic niche and the reason it didn’t work

  • 16:10 – One of my failed Facebook Ads in the real estate niche and the reason it didn’t work

  • 19:27 – Case study of a successful Facebook ad in the fitness niche

  • 22:02 – The 5-step marketing process to a successful Facebook Advertisement

  • 27:46 – the types of offers you can use as “bait” for your target market

  • 29:51 - the highly effective funnel I use for most of my clients that you can steal!

  • 33:20 – My “first Facebook Ad” checklist you should use before you start

After watching this, you’ll be armed with several actionable insights when it comes to writing your ads and building the funnel – so be sure to implement!


Make A Facebook Messenger Bot Free (ManyChat Tutorial)


Nowadays, one of the most powerful tools you could use is Messenger Bots.

Why do you ask?

Because 95% of people check their facebook messenger multiple times a day. 

Just ask yourself how long do you let a message be unread in your facebook messenger? -Not more than an hour, most of the time not even that much! 

That's why messenger bots are becoming more and more popular today and are starting slowly but surely to replace email marketing!

In this video tutorial, I show you how to make a FREE Facebook Messenger Bot using ManyChat. 

Messenger ChatBots can be used for many purposes...

  • Social Media Marketing Clients

  • Personal Brand Growth

  • Selling Your Products

  • And many more...